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Product Description

  1. INSTRUCTIONS of using your water hose with a sprinkler
    1. Turn the ON/OFF valve at the end of yur water hose to the OFF position
    2 .Turn the water on at the source and your water hose will expand to it’s maximum length,when using the water hose for the first time,it’s recommended to first fill and extend hose and slightly stretch hoe to release tightness in outer folded material covering, Then release water and refill to use normally
    3. Attach your sprinkler to the ON/OFF valve
    4.Place your sprinkler in the descired place in your yard or garden
    ()Point the sprinkler nozzle away from you and turn on ON/OFF valve to the ON osition and walk away,your sprinkler will work the same way, It works with any ordinary hose.
    NOTE:if you are using a sprinkler,that’s NOT attached to the ground,such as an oscillating sprinkler, when you turn the water OFF,your sprinkler may be dragged a short distace as the water hose contracts back to it’s original length,this should not harm your water hose or your sprinkler.

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